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PoolID a53bc8f68d92234e901157b26b40a02c6210d2b1855141af1b8b6a3d3eaf4458
Ticker CAKE
Uptime 01 days, 00:53:54
Version jormungandr 0.8.5-3db0680
Blocks produced 0
Current Stake 179114.025083 ADA

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Road to Success

Cardano is an opensource cryptocurrency blockchain project which runs on the Ouroboros Proof of Stake algorithm.

Start to STAKE

The Proof of Stake algorithm let's you (an ADA holder) delegate your stake to a party that runs a staking pool (YES, like us here at CAKE).

with CAKE

Our Jormungandr node has been online since the beginning of the Incentivized tesnet.
Our pool ID is: a53bc8f68d92234e901157b26b40a02c6210d2b1855141af1b8b6a3d3eaf4458

Get to Know CAKE

Check out the Cardano ITN explorer for specific pool details.